Ashtanga Yoga is meditation in movement

Ashtanga Yoga is practiced very dynamically and in the flow with your own breath. The body movements are connected to the breath, which is called Vinyasa and leads to a flow. There is a fixed order in which the individual yoga positions are practiced, so-called “series”. The yoga exercises within a series are arranged in such a way that each individual position prepares for the next one and helps to develop the necessary strength and smoothness for the following asanas. The first series to start as a beginner is called in Sanskrit “Yoga Chikitsa” which means yoga therapy. The first series is designed to cleanse, heal and strengthen the body.

Mysore Style

Ashtanga is not taught as you are used to from other yoga styles. The teaching and practice is very individual. The fixed practice sequence allows everyone to practice by themselves. Everyone practices the set sequence of asanas, at their own pace and in their own breathing rhythm. That’s Mysore style. Mysore style means everyone has the freedom to practice by himself, but is also involved in a group of practitioners  and their energy at the same time. The teacher helps each student individually at his own individual level. Yoga allows you to explore your body, your mind and consciousness. It’s exactly this freedom of the Mysore method, everyone can go on their own journey and is not distracted from the outside.